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"What can I say? I know how to put on a show"

( Did you know...

:bulletpurple: Esmeralda is so far the only Disney heroine to dance in a seductive manner.
:bulletgreen: Esmeralda is the first Disney heroine to have green eyes, with Rapunzel being the second.
:bulletpurple:In the novel, Esmeralda had black eyes, not green, and was named after the emerald amulet around her neck.
:bulletgreen: In the original story, Frollo successfully killed Esmeralda by hanging.
:bulletpurple: Esmeralda is the first Disney female to ever wear a white dress other than a wedding dress. In Western culture, white is the color of purity and innocence.
:bulletgreen: The white dress that Esmeralda wears at the end of the movie is actually an underdress, which means that Esmeralda's white dress is her underwear (during the 15th century, prisoners were denied clothing, but were permitted to keep their undergarments to protect their modesty).
:bulletpurple:Esmeralda is also the tallest Disney female, even taller than Aurora, the tallest princess.
:bulletgreen: there was a scene where esmeralda and Phoebus got married in the court of miracles but it was interupted by Frollo however this idea was scrapped
:bulletpurple:Until Tiana's debut in 2009, Esmeralda had the darkest skin tone of any Disney female.
:bulletgreen:Esmeralda's eyes for some reason do not reflect light. When they do, they're a much different shade of green than usual ))

Head canon
:bulletpurple: Gypsies come in great numbers, you earn the respect of one, you earn the respect of the whole clan. Like wise if you're enemies with one so watch out.
:bulletgreen: Esmeralda is engaged to Phoebus but does not own an engagement ring, Phoebus can't currently afford one, he wants to secure a job to support them both before getting married.
:bulletpurple: Esmeralda has a huge soft spot for children, she often babysits the clans children or plays with them. At times she's just a big kid.
:bulletgreen: She's a restless and light sleeper, due to the old days of hiding from Frollo's guards or the fear of having to run away into the night.
:bulletpurple: The title of a male gypsy leader is "Rom Baro" which is what Clopin is, the female is called "Phuri Dai" in the past some of her people have refered to Esmeralda by that title but she hates since a female gypsy leader must be an elderly woman.
:bulletgreen: Esmeralda can turn her tears on and off at the drop of a hat. She's used this on Clopin to get her way and on trainee palace guards to leave her alone
:bulletpurple: If cornered Esmeralda can be a ruthless fighter.


WDisneyRP-Esmeralda's Profile Picture
La Esmeralda

created by :iconhylian-socks: Thank you!

Aliases: Esme, gypsy, girl, witch, succubus, temptress
Age: Young Adult
Alignment: Good
Personality: Esmeralda is a free spirit but brave and street smart, though she'll avoid a fight if she can she will stand up for the innocent and her people. She is completely selfless
Hobbies: she enjoys singing dancing, playing music and palm reading.
Flaws: her rare beauty tends to attract unwanted attention from the opposite gender, she also has fiery temper at times which has gotten her into trouble in the past.
Companion/Pet: Djali
Similar Characters: Jessica Rabbit, Elsa, Megara, Jasmine, Tzipporah (Prince of Egypt)

Home: The court of miracles, Paris, France

:heart: My fiancé :heart:
:iconwdisneyrp-phoebus: The first good hearted soldier I have ever met, he was willing to openly risk defying Frollo if it meant doing what was right

closest friends
:iconwdisneyrp-quasi: The kindest man you will ever meet, for years he was kept in isolation with the belief that he was a monster. But trust me he is far from it, I'm so grateful and proud to call him my friend

:iconwdisneyrp-clopin: The man who took me in when no one else would, even thought he taught me everything he knows I see him more as brother than a father, we're thick as thieves though he is quick to judge and accuse his intentions are honorable


New friends and Allies

:iconwdisneyrp-elsa:Her expo gave Esmeralda the chance to show the world that gypsies aren't what people think they are. The queen is a sight to see and a pleasure to be around.

:iconwdisneyrp-flynn: This man fascinates Esmeralda, his personality reminds her of her people and he looks like he has plenty of stories to tell

:iconwdisneyrp-merida: A fiery princess from Scotland, she's likes her attitude, though she worries about how Merida judges character since she seems welcoming to the idea of gypsies in her country, does she know of the rumours?

:iconwdisneyrp-arthur: she finds him a charming and sweet young lad, a little naive at times but he'll be alright.


:iconwdisneyrp-frollo: a despicable human being with a prejudice for my people and sick obsession with me, however as much as I hate to say it ever since Quasimodo found out he was alive he seems happier. So it's for the best for Quasi, Phoebus and my people to keep things civil.


None yet

Plz Accounts: :iconesmeraldamadplz: :iconesmeworriedplz: :iconesmeralda-plz:
Only the one you love can break this spell

Esmeralda awoke in clopins tent.
Her whole body ached and felt hot.
Her mind was foggy, the last thing she remembered was running Frollo and Quasi in a fit of rage.
She found an alley and it began to pour, that's all she remembered.
Esmeralda sat up covering her chest to see Clopin staring at her with his mouth wide open.
"I don't think you need to cover your chest anymore"
She let out a false laugh
"What do you mean?" She coughed a little, her voice was a little hoarse
Clopin smacked his palm against his head.
" sacré bleu! Do you not remember last night?"
Esmeralda looked blank.
Clopin rolled his eyes "you'd missing for three days but last night I found you in at the foot of a mountain talking with some strange woman and you were shouting something about wanting to be hideous in the eyes of frollo"
He laughed "with you bawling your life story all over her no wonder she zapped you"
"Zapped me?"
Clopin sighed "It's probably for the best if you see for yourself"
he picked up a hand mirror and held it up to his sister.
Esmeralda gasped and covered her mouth.
"I...I remember now" she whispered "I met a sorceress and I pleaded with her to give my people justice but she said that, that couldn't be solved by I asked her  to make me repulsive in the eyes of Frollo so he wouldn't obsess over  me anymore so she..."
Esmeralda stroked her chin examining her new jawline.
This was not what she expected but...she wasn't unhappy.
This could be her chance to fool Frollo into thinking she was gone.
"I think we ought to keep this between us, just for a little while" 
Clopin nodded, this would be hard to explain to the other members of their camp 
"Very well mon cherrie, so what do we call, well, this?"
Esmeralda strode over to Clopins wardrobe and pulled out a pair of purple bell bottomed trousers:
"I was thinking...Esmeraldo"
The Rom Baro shook his head
"Nuh-uh, sounds too much like your real name, if you want to remain elusive for while don't call yourself that"
" about Emerald?"
"Same problem and that one sounds more feminine" Clopin scratched his chin "how about Elfendi?"
"Great!" She opened the flaps "watch out world! Here comes Elfendi!"
And with a spring in her step she danced off down the siene or should I say he
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